Frequently Asked Question
Q:  Do we have to send the ashes to you to get them put inside the heart?
A: No, we have designed the bear so that the ashes can be placed inside the bear all by yourself, therefore eliminating the need to deliver any ashes to us. If you do not feel comfortable placing the ashes inside your local crematorium shall be able to help you out.

Q: How much ashes can fit inside each bear.
A: The heart that we provide has an approximately 1 cup capacity.

Q; How much wording can fit onto each paw
A: As a guide we suggest 20 characters per line, 4 lines per paw. We can go outside of this guide however the font size will be reduced to make it fit. If you provide us with wording that is far too long to have embroidered onto the paws we will contact you directly to organise alternative wording.

Q: Once the heart is placed inside the bear, how is the bear closed?
A: We have designed our Bears with a unique lacing system on the back seam of the teddy. Once the heart is placed inside the teddy’s chest, you simply begin lacing the bears seam from top to bottom (similar to a corset). Once the lacing is completed you will be left with 2 long pieces of thread, tie these together twice and cut off close to the knot. The back seam of the bear will not be all sewn up. the ashes of your Angel are now safe and secure inside the teddy. 

Q: If I forget a step, can I call to ask for help?
A: Of corse you can. We have also made an instructional youtube video and will provide you with the link which will be inside the heart container as well a small tube of superglue to seal the heart.

Q: Once I order, how long will it take to make the bear?
A: We work very hard to get all orders out 2-4 business days. 

Q: On the order form you give 5 options for embroidery thread and ribbon colour, am I able to choose a different colour?
A: You sure can…. We will always try our hardest to deliver a bear that is truly unique and personal to you. Simply call or email to discuss any special requests.

Q: I am ordering 4 bears for me and my family, do you have a combined postage cost?
A: For multiple orders delivered to the same address we can do a combined postage cost. Call or email us to request a quote.