I just got my bear in the post. Im in tears, it is so so beautiful. Thank you so very much. I' going to wait until her birthday (4th June) to fill the heart & sew it up. It will then take place on my bed so I can cuddle her everynight.
Kobe Kenny

Hi Tracey and Fellan,
My Eddy bear arrived safely this morning & I love her! You have exceeded all expectations. Even the way she was packaged was beautifully done. My 3 year old son loves her too. He said "Ooh Mummy, you have a wonderful teddy, a cuddle teddy. He has been giving her heaps of kisses and cuddles. Love and Thanks
Chelsea Grills

My grandfather died while I was living overseas, We were always close and I am so sad that I didn't get to say goodbye. I have his favourite handkerchief and a picture in the heart of my teddy bear. It brings me great comfort to know that he is looking over me and he will always be with me when I need to feel him close.
Sarah Spletta

I would like to say thank you to the founders of The Eddy Bear Company for creating something so beautiful and comforting. I lost my baby at 2 hours old, I didn't get to hold her for long but the Beareavement Bear has made it possible for me to hold her for my lifetime.
Paula Harris

My mother & father were married for 60 years & never spent a night away from each other.   Every day my mother would say she would give anything to hold him one more time. I started looking for something that would help mum through the grieving process when I saw the Eddy Bear website. Without letting my mum know I had my dads ashes put into the Eddy Bear. When I took him home to be reunited with my mum, I saw the old sparkle in her eye that only happened everytime my dad would cuddle her. Thanks to The Eddy Bear Company my family & I have great comfort knowing mum & dad will always be in each others arms
Regards The Fletcher Family